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UK British Citizenship Test 2


Do You Know Who led the team of scientists to ‘split the atom’ for the first time?

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Scientists led by Ernest Rutherford, working at Manchester and then Cambridge University, were the first to ‘split the atom’ .

Do You Know What was the Black Death?

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In 1348, a disease, probably a form of plague, came to Britain. This was known as the Black Death.

Do You Know What party won the election in 1945 (After WWII)?

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In 1945 the British people elected a Labour government.

Do You Know What percentage of the total population lives in England?

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England more or less consistently makes up 84% of the total population.

Do You Know Who was the first ‘Scottish King’?

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The term Scotland began to be used to describe that country.

Do You Know The Civil War in 1642 split the country into which two groups?

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The country split into those who supported the king (the Cavaliers) and those who supported Parliament (the Roundheads).

Do You Know What is Richard Arkwright remembered for?

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Do You Know What is meant by ‘common law’?

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In England, judges developed ‘common law’ by a process of precedence (that is, following previous decisions) and tradition.

Do You Know What is the only major golf tournament held outside of the US?

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The Open Championship is the only ‘Major’ golf tournament held outside the United States.

Do You Know Who won gold medals for ice dancing at the Olympic Games in 1984?

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The Olympic Games in 1984 and in four consecutive world championships.

Do You Know How many people lost their lives in the decades after 1969 due to violence in Northern Ireland?

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Some 3,000 people lost their lives in the decades after 1969 in the violence in Northern Ireland.

Do You Know How many members does the Scottish Parliament have?

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There are 129 members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs).

Do You Know What was an important English export in the Middle Ages?

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Do You Know Who designed New Delhi to be the seat of government in India?

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He was responsible for many war memorials throughout the world, including the Cenotaph in Whitehall.

Do You Know Who was R. A. Butler?

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A Conservative MP in 1923 and held several positions before becoming responsible for education in 1941.

Do You Know Where is the Hadrian Wall?

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The Emperor Hadrian built a wall in the north of England to keep out the Picts (ancestors of the Scottish people).

Do You Know When did the Irish Free State become a republic?

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It had its own government and became a republic in 1949.

Do You Know Which was a crucial aerial battle against the Germans?

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The Germans waged an air campaign against Britain, but the British resisted .

Do You Know Where do you have to be registered to be able to vote?

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To be able to vote in a parliamentary, local or European election, you must have your name on the electoral register.

Do You Know Which court deals with the most serious cases in Scotland?

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The most serious cases in Scotland, such as murder, are heard at a High Court with a judge and jury.

Do You Know When did the Vikings first attack Britain?

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They first visited Britain in AD 789 to raid coastal towns and take away goods and slaves.

Do You Know Who wrote music for King George I?

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George Frederick Handel wrote the Water Music for King George I and Music for the Royal Fireworks for his son, George II.

Do You Know Who should you write to if you wish to make a complaint about the Police?

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Anyone can make a complaint about the police by going to a police station or writing to the Chief Constable of the police force involved.

Do You Know Who wrote the Canterbury Tales?

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In the years leading up to 1400, Geoffrey Chaucer wrote a series of poems in English about a group of people going to Canterbury on a pilgrimage.


Life In UK Test 2024 3rd Edition

 TRY this Life In UK Test 2024 3rd Edition, this online practice Tests contain 24 questions that’s similar to official life in the UK test questions , updated citizenship test Questions and answers . All British citizenship mock tests are based on official life in the UK handbook.

This mock test contain 24 multiple questions to answer, this mock UK citizenship exam are similar to official test center format exam. This British mock citizenship test help you to pass your UK settlement test first time.

Try this mock test questions and answers for British citizenship test 2024. 

There are some sample questions that may be similar to those on the Life in the UK Test. Please note that these are not official test questions and the format of the actual test exam may slightly vary.  Questions example 

  1. Who is the current head of state of the UK?
  2. What is the name of the UK’s national anthem?
  3. What is the name of the UK’s currency?
  4. How many countries make up the UK?
  5. What is the name of the UK’s capital city?
  6. What is the name of the UK’s highest court of appeal?
  7. What is the name of the UK’s parliament?
  8. How often are general elections held in the UK?
  9. How many members of parliament are there in the UK?
  10. What is the name of the UK’s head of government?

Please note that these are sample questions and the actual life in the uk test questions may be different or wording might be changed, its compulsory that you understand questions properly.



Life In The UK Mock Test 2024 Practice life in the UK mock test 2024 for your British citizenship test,  all questions are updated 2023

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