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UK British Citizenship Test 10


Do You Know What is the official name of the country?

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The official name of the country is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Do You Know When did the BBC start the first radio broadcast?

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The BBC started radio broadcasts in 1922 and began the world’s first regular television service in 1936.

Do You Know When did the Parliament begin developing into the institution it is now?

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In the Middle Ages, Parliament began to develop into the institution it is today.

Do You Know When were the women given the right to vote at the same age as men?

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Shortly before Emmeline’s death in 1928.

Do You Know Who was the first Danish King?

Correct! Wrong!

Canute is right answer

Do You Know Where can you get help if you can’t afford to pay a vet?

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There are charities which may help people who cannot afford to pay a vet.

Do You Know Who won the Wars of the Roses?

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House of Lancaster

Do You Know Who was the first man to be called the ‘Prime Minister’?

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Sir Robert Walpole

Do You Know Who wrote “The Lord of the Rings”?

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JRR Tolkien wrote “The Lord of the Rings

Do You Know What did the Romans introduce to Britain?

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Introduced new plants and animals.

Do You Know Who is a Patron St of Scotland?

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30 November: St Andrew’s Day, Scotland.

Do You Know How many member states does the Commonwealth have?

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The Queen is the ceremonial head of the Commonwealth, which currently has 53 member states.

Do You Know Which party did Margaret Thatcher belong to?

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Margaret Thatcher, Britain’s first woman Prime Minister, led the Conservative government from 1979 to 1990.

Do You Know When did England win the World Cup?

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Bobby Moore (1941–93) captained the English football team that won the World Cup in 1966.

Do You Know Who ordered to write the Book of Common Prayer?

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Henry VIII was succeeded by his son Edward VI.

Do You Know What will happens if an MP dies or resigns?

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An MP dies or resigns, there will be a fresh election, called a byelection, in his or her constituency.

Do You Know What does the Turner Prize celebrate?

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The Turner Prize was established in 1984 and celebrates contemporary art.

Do You Know What was the estimated population of the British Empire?

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An estimated population of more than 400 million people.

Do You Know Who set up the first formal anti slavery campaigns?

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The first formal anti-slavery groups were set up by the Quakers in the late 1700s.

Do You Know What percentage of the total population lives in Wales?

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UK population is very unequally distributed over the four parts of the UK. Wales makes around 5%.

Do You Know Where is the Millennium Stadium located?

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Do You Know What is the period after the Norman Conquest up until 1485 called?

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The Middle Ages

Do You Know When did English become the official language for documents?

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By 1400, in England, official documents were being written in English.

Do You Know What is the responsibility that you have as a UK citizen?

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look after yourself and your family




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